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It’s Nice to Know that our Cars Keep Getting Safer

Here at BetterWay Auto Superstore we are looking forward to wrapping up 2014 and welcoming the New Year. With so many cool new cars coming out this past year, we are anticipating an lot of hot tech-filled used cars, trucks, and SUVs to flow into our inventory. And drivers should feel better about shopping for… Read more »

Hyundai develops a crossover/truck concept for Detroit

At Betterway Sales & Leasing we have a large selection of new Hyundai models that are ready to be driven to a good home. These are great cars that fit a wide variety of lifestyles, and on our page you’ll see immediately which ones save on gas, are loaded with tech, and are fun to… Read more »

Automakers Revolutionize Night-Vision Technology with Thermal Imaging and More

It’s not exactly breaking news that even the top-of-the-line headlights don’t light up the road well enough so that every pedestrian, pet and animal is well within view. In fact, even with innovations in HID and LED headlamps and tail lights, over 4,000 pedestrians are killed every year from car accidents with over 70% of… Read more »

USAA Top Ten Teen-Friendly Cars are Even Easier on the Wallet when Pre-owned

There’s a good reason the midsize sedan segment is so saturated. Drivers have been in a love affair with these resilient, sturdy and reliable cars for decades. The family sedan is practically ubiquitous on Stoney Creek, ON roads, and thanks to their high safety ratings and low-maintenance construction, they’re widespread across college campuses too. If… Read more »

Relieve Your Road Trip Woes by Upgrading to a Family-Friendly Vehicle

Are your three kids fed up with being squished in the back of your sedan? Are road trips a claustrophobic nightmare? Do you have a little one on the way and no trunk space for even the most modestly-sized stroller? Maybe it’s time to ditch the compact and spring for a more mature SUV, minivan… Read more »