Frequently Asked Customer Questions

How long does the process take?
The sooner you apply online the faster you will get a response from a Betterway Sales & Leasing Financial consultant who will process your application for an approval, source the vehicle that fits your needs and budget, and then organize delivery.
Interest rates are determined by several factors, such as the credit history and challenges, the employment history, vehicle and possible amount of down payment. It is our duty to get the best auto loan possible with the best interest rate. Everyone’s case is different and your interest rate will be based on a thorough analysis of your individual situation.
If you have been discharged from a bankruptcy or are currently in consumer proposal or discharged we can help. Even if your discharge is recent.
A credit score is sourced from a credit bureau report such as Equifax or Transunion. The score on your report is designed to quickly assist financial institutions in predicting the amount of risk associated with a major purchase. The lower your credit score relates to a higher risk and a higher credit score shows the lender a lower risk.
Most of us have experienced difficult times however, that does not make us bad people. We specialize in working with our many lenders to obtain the best auto loan solution for you. We realize each customer's situation is different and so do our lenders. Let our expertise with our lending partners work for you in obtaining the best auto loan approval.