Consumer Reports tells all about best used cars for 2015

When it comes to taking someone’s advice on a product’s quality, there isn’t a more reliable source than Consumer Reports, so we were thrilled to see that one of its latest videos spells out the best used cars for 2015. Even carefully wading into a dealership’s used car inventory can feel like diving head-first into potentially dangerous, unpredictable waters — but don’t worry. With this expert advice, the waters here at House of Cars will feel just fine.

We won’t spoil the whole video for you, but there were a couple of automakers that made the list more than once — namely Toyota and Infiniti — and it’s easy to see why. Both are well-known for crafting high-quality, highly resilient vehicles that withstand the tests of time, weather, trends, careless drivers, etc. We have a generous selection of both used Toyota and used Infiniti vehicles here at Betterway Sales & Leasing, and we’d be happy to help you wade into the ample inventory and find the best vehicle to suit your unique driving and budgetary needs.

Tune in below to hear the whole list of seasoned all-stars, and then feel free to swing by the lot here at our Stoney Creek, ON used car dealership to test drive anything we have in stock.

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