Is Road Salt Killing Us?

Widespread use of salt to clear ice and snow from roads began in the 1940’s. Since then, it’s been a booming industry for salt. In 1998, 165 kilograms of salt were used per Canadian citizen. Use has only been rising since then.

Watch this very scientific (and funny) video about the dangers and benefits of our worsening addiction to NaCl.

Sure, salt may be polluting our rivers and streams, and making moose think, “Hey, this road looks like a great salt-lick,” but what are our alternatives? Without salt, we would see a dramatic increase in automobile accidents– an 87% increase, according to the video.

Maybe one day we’ll all be using beet juice and volcanic ash to clear the roads, but today, we’ve got to stick with salt. There’s nothing like a 4WD SUV to get you through those slippery, salty roads. At BetterWay Auto Superstore, we’ve got a great selection of pre-owned SUVs to meet all your winter driving needs. Come visit us in Stoney Creek, ON this winter for a test drive.

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