Learn how to touch up the paint on your pristine used vehicle

There are so many amazing used vehicles on our lots, that the first thing you’ll want to do after you find the one of your dreams (besides showing it off to, and cruising around with your family and friends), is to protect it! And as a truly full-service dealership, today we wanted to share a video on one way of how to help protect your vehicle; by repairing scratches yourself!

Good stuff, isn’t that? And with amazing models on our lots from the likes of Cadillac, Chevrolet, Audi, and so many others; you’ll certainly want to be protecting it as well as you can. To recap, make sure the area is clean and sanded, that you have the right paint, and that you apply it sparingly!

And as always, all your used car needs here in our Stoney Creek, ON area, can be addressed at our dealership.

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